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Reaction Explorer


Reaction Explorer provides an interactive means of exploring a database of biochemical reactions derived from those of the Enzyme Nomenclature. Written in REALbasic, Reaction Explorer is a multi-platform application for constructing metabolic network graphs.

The reactions database can also be searched using a separate web application.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.1 or higher / Mac OS 9.x / Windows 95 or higher / Linux x86
  • Internet connection
  • Local or networked printer for printing network graphs


 Platform Version
 Mac OS 9 1.0.2
 Mac OS X 1.0.5
 Linux x86 (with GTK) 1.0.5
 Windows 1.0.5
 Example Graphs zip archive


Click here to view the online manual


We are grateful to Science Foundation Ireland for financial support.

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